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Our Mission

Philadelphia Heritage Chorale is an intergenerational and multicultural vocal ensemble that provides singers and audiences with a profound and transformative choral experience in many genres while grounding itself in music borne of the African Diaspora. 

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About PHC

The Philadelphia Heritage Chorale, Inc. (PHC) was founded by Dr. J. Donald Dumpson as the Celebration Choir. The ensemble's mission is to facilitate access for appreciation, participation, and celebration of the arts in Philadelphia and beyond and bring the excellence of presentation to a broad range of people with a special commitment to music borne of the African Diaspora or created by composers of African descent.


To become an established and respected partner in the global choral community by creating and engaging in opportunities to present a variety of artistic expressions with excellence.

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Philadelphia Heritage Chorale | P.O. Box 30633 |  Philadelphia, PA 19103


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